Thursday, January 24, 2013

Safety in a public space

Safety in a public space

Exploring the idea of City Sharing, in a perspective, means that we are looking at the safety environment a space has to offer not just a common usage. A public space has to be safe to an extent that allows it to be shared among the diverse population. Unsafe public space could come from design or the lack of maintenance but it all results in being unusable or is use by an undesirable group of people.  

My chosen site is the NE Campus Parkway, located on the West side of the University of Washington-Seattle Campus, between the 40th and 41st Streets and stretches from the 12th to the 15th Avenue. It is a residential/dormitory area for the university students, and considered to be one of the major entrances into the campus. I am one of the students who live in the dorm, using this space to go in and out of the main campus. The security I feel from using this space is satisfying throughout the day.

Campus Parkway is open and a large community. It is a major transit for the people, making it active right from the beginning of the day. There are major bus stops on both sides of the Parkway; by the 12th and by Brooklyn. Diversity in students and classes results in people moving through the space all day long. In addition, there are different users group, such as the local people in the neighborhood, which also use the space. Density of students is high in front of Schmitz Hall where there is a bridge leading to the Red Square. Also, the Parkway is connected to the University Avenue, making the street crowded every time I walked pass the street. Campus Parkway is also well maintained with functional light posts and traffic light.

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