Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Public City Parks at Night

     These photos were taken as night set in and just after it had rained rain. The photos were taken at Kobe Terrace Park in the International District neighborhood. The park is relatively small and nestled in between the bustle of the city, surrounded by I-5, local apartments and just a few blocks from Jackson Street. Due to the time, there were not very many people, but there were some traveling through on bikes, on foot or with their dogs (though none too keen on being a part of the photo background).

     City Sharing can aptly be attributed to this park, where locals and passersby use the park as a way to briefly escape from the city environment. The park is open to the public, but also fits nicely with the surrounding buildings to give the appearance of a private place as well. Unlike Central Park's motive to minimize the city impact, the park seems to incorporate it, perhaps even forced to do so with its given size; using a cul-de-sac on one end and a bike route and parking lot on the other for entry and exit. In addition, the views are so constructed as to not block out the city, but to draw it into view as one takes a seat at one of the benches.

     Kobe Terrace Park has a community garden as well, the view of which was not so clear during the night. This garden represents the blurring of city and country, industry and nature. Lastly, the park during the night, though visibly surrounded by the city, had a distinct separation which allows the observer to, for a short moment, get an outsider's look into the city as a culmination of human cohabitation and daily interactions.

By: Markus Surratt

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