Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Private, Personal Experience in a Public Place

A Private, Personal Experience in a Public Place

Veriditas, The World-Wide Labyrinth Project, is to activate and facilitate the transformation of the Human Spirit.
Veriditas' work to transform the Human Spirit centers around the Labyrinth Experience as a personal practice for
healing and growth, a tool for community building, an agent for global peace and a metaphor for the blossoming of
the Spirit in our lives.

A labyrinth is a path to nowhere. Instead the concentric circles intentionally focus inward, a single
continuous path lending itself to a deeply personal experience. A labyrinth is paced, slowly,
intentionally. How is it then, that inward private and random public intersect? Is it possible that the
overlap of space and use communicate with each other; one lending spirit to the mundane, the other
referencing spirit in the midst of the ordinary?

A sacred, private path shared publically. Within the span of 16 blocks in the heart of Seattle, three
labyrinths offer an opportunity to unite body, mind and spirit in a walking meditation.

"It was a pattern with meaning. Starting a path, going to the center, is a part of all sorts of cultures. We wanted to
do something that was intricate enough to slow people down, get them involved."

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